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Building positions when no-one is looking


Forex and futures trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future return.


Neither Adam Landes nor foundationforex are investment advisors, nor are they registered with any regulatory body, nor do they manage funds for the public. Moreover, none of the content of this website is a solicitation for investment.


My name is Adam Landes.

I am the trader, coder, and portfolio manager at 

After some 20 years as a financial market professional, in equity research and equity research management, I have been been living from my stock investments and from trading the forex and futures markets since 2008, with my own capital alongside funds from private clients.

I work out of home offices in London and Mallorca.


I trade two fully-automated strategies in the forex markets.
Third-party regulated money managers list and offer these strategies: Darwinex in the UK and United-Signals in Germany

The SENTIMENT algorithm relies on behavioural finance principles, trading at specific high-odds time windows against retail crowd positioning.

The SLINGSHOT algorithm aims to systematically identify "what, where, when" price-action triggers to position itself for trend continuation.






If you want to find out more, email, reach me via Twitter @foundationforex, or use the contact form below.